Crypto Shooter Universe One

Crypto Shooter Universe One is more than a game. It is a next gen shooter within a gigantic community-driven, persistent sci-fi universe, powered by Epic's Unreal 4 Engine. This gaming universe is developed as a blockchain-based gaming platform built to enable and support an open, cash-in/cash-out economy for digital assets and content.

Crypto Shooter is community funded and community driven.
And it is developed by game industry veterans – from gamers for gamers.

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Crypto Shooter is set in a gigantic, persistent sci-fi universe. Players engage in challenging PvE and exciting PvP missions and battles influencing the balance of power between the fractions in the universe.

Next Gen

The game offers among other gameplay modes like capture the flag, last man standing, hold objectives and so on a skill gaming based arena and mission mode which allows Crypto Shooter players to use platform’s cryptocurrency as a wager against other players.

Everyone will be allowed to create a part of this digital universe.

From the start, as one of our core features, third-party developers will contribute their own worlds and creative input as playable levels and missions on the platform.The platform will allow both players and developers to create in-game content, for themselves and others, blurring the line between game developers and modders. Everyone contributing will share via the Crypto Shooter cryptocurrency in the success of his content on the platform.

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Powered Economy

Crypto Shooter’s economy is fuelled by the players’ actions in regards to enemies they defeat, environment they conquer and competitions –such as skill games– they win, as well as user generated content they create and sell through Crypto Shooter’s market place.

Avatar Systen

The character system is based on two elements. First, the player character in his power armor which in its configuration determines most of the main gameplay relevant combat values. And secondly, the personal shadow drone which adds enhanced sensors and electronic warfare capabilities. When the player switches the operation mode the drone docs at the players' backpack.